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About Us: 

Mongolian Properties is the oldest, largest, and most reputable Mongolian real estate agent. We are a real estate intermediary and advisory firm offering agency, representation, property management, property valuations, interior design, furnishing, and financial intermediation services. We can advise on all aspects of your transaction, from current Mongolian property prices to opportunities with the best new release Ulaanbaatar property for sale. Mongolian Properties' knowledgeable agents can assist with all kinds of property, including residential, commercial, retail, factory and warehouse spaces, tourism, mining properties, and more.

9 Step to buying property in Mongolia: 

1) Find a Good Real Estate Agent Knowledgeable and experienced, your real estate agent is your window into the properties market in Mongolia. A good real estate agent should be able to find multiple solutions to your needs in timely manner and negotiate the best price on behalf of you. 2) Think About What You’re Looking For Be sure to talk with your agent about what you want from your property. Will it be for investment or for living? How much can you afford? Will you be living alone or with a family? more...

What we do: 

Property Rentals and Sales

Our knowledgeable and friendly agents are enthusiastic about finding a property that is right for you and your budget. Explore the finest Ulaanbaatar real estate for rent, as well as exciting rural opportunities.

Property Consultancy

For many individuals and corporations involved in investing in Mongolia, property rentals, purchases, renovations, and maintenance, many questions often arise and complications can make finding and managing your property overly cumbersome.

Property Management

Due to the inadequacies of the local infrastructure network and the slow-moving bureaucratic habits of the Mongolian government, it is often difficult for both landlords and tenants to provide a full and efficient service to maintain their properties.
Mongolian Properties Videos: 
The Olympic Residence

Olympic Residence is a premium luxury residence featuring 97 apartments with retail and shopping center in the podium.

Regency Penthouse

The Regency Residence, won the award for best architectural design in the award winning development in Mongolia.

The Village @ Nukht

As one of the most promising and anticipated projects, The Village @ Nukht is an award-winning, western style mixed-used development.

Real Estate Guide: 

Today’s consumers look for and encounter information everywhere and the Real Estate Guide makes it simple for everyone. This guide will help you to find a place to call home. The following guide and studies can provide you with some insight into determining the value of real estate investments and its assets. Here you can view Mongolia’s country data, top five reasons to invest in a property in Mongolia, a step by step guide for renting and purchasing property in Mongolia. Also, it will provide you with the most updated city directory with photos and maps.

Why invest in Mongolian real-estate?
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"Mongolian Properties makes the process of renting my properties fast and painless. They're easy to work with and meet my requirements for return. I recommend Mongolian Properties to anyone looking to buy, sell, or rent property in Mongolia."
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