Relocation Services

Mongolian Properties is the only full service property relocation agency in Ulaanbaatar. Some of the biggest foreign companies in Mongolia are among our clients.




All of our relocation packages are tailor made to suit the individual corporation, but we generally offer the following services:

Employee Relocation

Pre-Arrival Questionnaire and Pre-Arrival Information pack

All of our clients will be sent a questionnaire two weeks prior to arrival that details all of our services and asks for further information regarding the client's needs and housing requirements during his or her stay in Mongolia. The client will also receive a short information packet that provides useful hints about what to bring to Mongolia, weather conditions, banking preparations, communication systems available, medicine to bring, and other helpful advice to ensure a comfortable, safe, and relaxing stay in Mongolia. Five days prior to arrival  in Mongolia, the client will receive a detailed agenda for their personal relocation.

Airport Pick Up

The client and his party will be picked up at Ulaanbaatar’s International Airport by one of the agency's directors, then driven to the city in one of our luxury cars and taken straight to the hotel or serviced apartment to decompress and prepare for the rest of their relocation.

Relocation Information Package

Upon arrival, every corporate Mongolian Properties client will be issued a comprehensive guide to the country and the city. This guide includes multiple detailed city maps, useful information about the city, and contact details for all relevant hospitals, embassies, non-governmental agencies, general offices and other emergency services. The pack will also include helpful information about bars, restaurants, clubs, shops and other amenities around the city as well as information about the general costs of living, mobile phones, recent criminal activity, post offices, culture, history, and so on.

Ulaanbaatar City Tour

Mongolian Properties offers a tour of the city of Ulaanbaatar to its corporate clients. The tour can be scheduled whenever, but is usually planned for the first or second day of a client’s stay in Ulaanbaatar. The tour will involve a number of significant historical and cultural sights within the city, including museums, buildings of a religious and political significance, as well as views over the city. The tour would normally take half a day but can take a day depending on the client's preference.

Ulaanbaatar Property Tour

Mongolian Properties also offers a tour of properties that have been shortlisted according to a client’s needs and desires. This tour usually takes place on the second or third day of a client’s stay in Mongolia. The tour will explain the housing dynamics of the city and present the client with many available Mongolian Properties apartments. In most cases, the client is able to move into his or her own full time apartment after about a weeks time in Ulaanbaatar.

Ulaanbaatar Shopping and Necessities Tour

This is one of the most pleasant aspects of the relocation; Mongolian Properties will introduce the client to the best bars, restaurants, shops and other useful addresses around town. This aspect of the Mongolian Properties’ Relocation Package is a favorite of the spouses and children of the client as the tour also introduces the client and his or her family to some the best attractions in the city of Ulaanbaatar. The tour usually lasts about 2 to 3 hours, but has been known to last longer as many of city’s bars can be amusing and time-consuming.

School Visits and Admission

If the corporate client is relocating with children we will arrange a visit to the International School of Ulaanbaatar and the American School of Ulaanbaatar.

Medical Registration

This aspect of the Relocation Package can be incorporated into one of the other tours. The client will be taken to view the various medical facilities of the city, while also gaining an introduction to the evacuation and repatriation plans of the city in times of crisis. 

Mongolian Cultural Lessons

The lessons are offered at the client's convenience. In these lessons, a Mongolian specialist will explain to the client Mongolian culture, beliefs, religion, history and traditions. All lessons are done on a personal basis and are either one, two, or three two-hour sessions.

Mongolian Language Lessons

Similar to the Mongolian Cultural Lessons, but normally our clients undertake these lessons for a longer period of time. Mongolian language lessons are offered to all of Mongolian Properties’ corporate clients and are scheduled at the client’s convenience.

Point of Contact Assistance

Every one of our corporate Mongolian Properties clients will be issued an emergency phone number to call for assistance should the need arise during the first three months of the client’s stay in Mongolia. The emergency phones are manned by executives of Mongolian Properties and we will do our utmost to assist the client in any emergency.

Full Corporate Relocation

The Full Corporate Mongolian Properties Relocation Package includes all of the above for individual employees and an office search on behalf of the parent company. If this is the first time the client has entered the Mongolian market, this package also includes fiscal, tax, and legal advice for the parent company.. 

Mongolian Properties will work closely with the parent corporation to ensure that their new Mongolian branch is fully operational in a minimum amount of time; this also includes communication links, vehicle purchases, recruitment of local staff, political and economic analysis of the environment, electronic and office equipment purchase and installation as well as interior design and decoration of the new Mongolian office. 

We look forward to helping your business succeed in Mongolia.