The Real Estate Guide

Mongolian Properties LLC is proud to present our annual Real Estate Guide 2017 second edition! The guide contains an in-depth analysis of Ulaanbaatar's real estate market, district-by-district analysis and most importantly it shows current available properties’ price details (i.e.: apartment, house, townhouse, office, commercial, warehouse, etc) for sales and rentals. Also, it features quick facts about Mongolia, step-by-step guide to purchase an apartment in UB, top 10 restaurants, bars, cultural sights in UB, and more. Combined with Mongolian Properties' unique market insight, this property guide serves as an ideal guide for those interested in Ulaanbaatar's burgeoning property market.

To get your free copy of our Mongolian Real Estate Guide 2017 second edition, enter your details into the form below. Should you wish to get a hard copy, please contact your closest Mongolian Properties and/or APIP offices.